Container Garden Drainage

The single most important thing for any container you plan to garden with is drainage.

Plants will not grow in soil that stays waterlogged. If you growing medium is waterlogged then there is no space for air, and roots need air. Plant’s won’t grow underwater.

So the most important thing for any container you want to grow a vegetable or herb or pretty much anything other than lily pads is drainage.

Container Garden Drainage

Most store bought pots you would buy have great drainage but there is a very important exception which is called a caster pot. What is a caster pot? Well basically its any pot without drainage, because these pots aren’t meant to be used directly for planting, rather they are a decorative disguise for an ordinary plastic pot. So you put your plastic pot in the caster pot, and you take it out when you water and let it drain for a while before placing back in the caster pot.

Many an inexperienced, beginner gardener have used caster pots as containers for gardening with disastrous results. You end up with gross, moldy mess and a dead plant.

So if you ever want to use some sort of found item or miscellaneous container for gardening, get out your electric drill and be very generous with the drainage holes!

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