Garden Containers

Garden of Containers is going to be a blog about my garden. My garden of containers. Maybe it will be interesting for other people who rent, or have limited space, or have poor soil or want to grow in containers for any other reason.

There are all different kinds of garden containers you can use for vegetable and herb container gardening, which is the focus of this blog.


Clay pots often make for attractive garden containers but here is a pro tip for you that it took me many years to learn. Clay garden containers make it very difficult to keep your soil moist because the clay garden container itself is going to naturally wick away moisture. So while clay pots can be a lot more attractive than other alternatives, it can turn into a real headache making sure they don’t get dried out.

I have tried all kinds of garden containers over the years but my current favorite are the redwood planter boxes available at Home Depot.


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