Container Vegetable Garden

Some vegetables do great in container gardens and others really not so much. So its important if you’re getting started to know which vegetables typically do well in containers.


Tomatoes are definitely a favorite to grow in containers, although I guess technically they are a fruit . . . With the variety of tomato hybrids on the market you can even find tomatoes that are particularly bred for compact, container growing. But if you have a big container you can grow a ton of tomatoes and see great results. My personal favorite tomato for growing in containers are cherry tomatoes, especially the super sweet 100 hybrid.


Cucumbers, beans and peas do great in containers with trellises are a very impressive plant once they grow 6 or 8 feet tall.

Bell Peppers and hot peppers work very well in containers and they can last multiple years and keep producing.

Obviously other things like corn really don’t work in containers. Or could it . . . I wonder?

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