Container Garden Plans

One of the nice things about container gardens is you can always move them around later. This has a lot of benefits. Your container garden plan is not going to be set in stone so its easy to play around and make changes to your container garden layout. This has aesthetic benefits obviously as well as practical benefits, you can move plants around if they need more or less sun. And the position of the sun obviously changes over the year so being able to move your containers around gives you maximum flexibility.

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Something to take into your container garden plans whether you’re doing an herb container garden or vegetable container garden is that your fruit bearing plants will need the most sun. Your leafy greens and such can do just fine with much less sun. If your plants are ever stretching where the nodes are spaced much further than they normally should be this indicates the plant is getting enough sun. Anything bearing fruit like tomatoes for instance, you really want at least 8 hours a day of sunlight.

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